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VisMed-3D is at the forefront of the additive manufacturing revolution. We are uniquely poised to create bridges and value streams to hospitals, clinicians and research institutes by data warehousing replicas of former and present-day patient cases. Please help us tell the VisMed-3D story.

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FDM – Fused Deposition Modeling  (FFF)

FDM is an extrusion method of additive manufacturing.  It is basically like a hot glue gun, melting material provided on a spool and applying it to specific locations in very small drops to achieve a physical build.

SLA – Stereolithography  (Polyjet and Solidscape)

Stereolithography (SLA), utilizes a resin material that is cured using ultraviolet light.  The print heads in these machines along with the liquid base materials are what drive the accuracy levels (it’s easier to be more accurate with something the size of a grain of sand rather than a bowling ball).  Speed is driven mostly by the number of layers applied, rather than the build base.


In Our Lab:

FDM Printer – Creator Pro by:

Flash Forge
Creator Pro


Stereolithography Printer – Form 1+ by:

Form 1+
Form 1+



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