BioMed and Tech Consulting

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Use modern AI techniques; e.g. deep learning, and our own custom methods

Our VisMed-3D team has a rich history and wide breadth of innovation experience building products and delivering advanced solutions.

Discover how technologies, like AI, machine learning, blockchain, and IoT, can work to help your business, explained in a way you can actually understand.

Our solutions traverse the digital, into and out of physical media platforms and formats to solve real-world problems in several industries.

Read some of our use cases to learn more about our capabilities and potential.

  • Healthcare ID cards printed to facilitate access for all community members easily, securely and efficiently
  • AI Systems – tackling inherent weakness to improve complex reasoning tasks
  • Developing biosensor to integrate with the larger healthcare eco-system
  • Developing 3D printed biosensors
  • DICOM File Compression using modern AI techniques; e.g. deep learning, and own custom methods
  • Radiology workflows to integrate and communicate across all healthcare medical records systems