McNabola- 3D Digestive Tract Project:
Exhibit Inventory

Case #DescriptionDateInvoice
#002-45VM3D – Video Demonstration of Work Product
McNB- Animated Video Renderings – series 002-45.16
McNabola Digestive System
.SLT dicom file – client provided
Converted into 3D model,segmented, colorized, enhanced detail
#022-46-151McNabola – Work Product Files (100+)
– Media iterations
– Graphic representations, interpretations
– Cecum-specific segmentation carve-outs; needle comparisons
– Resection Graphic – editorial notations and instructions for the model by SME Physician of record
– Malone Bowel Resection measurements – spreadsheet
– etc.

– Present
#022-152-160+Various emails, communications, phone calls, texts, and meetings coordinated by McNabola with physicians, attorneys, other
Administrative Management
Medical 3D specialist Labor
3D Printing iterations and estimates , etc.
– Present
#022-161-+3D Model measurement in x-y-z plane to confirm actual model printed size – min-max07-21-22#1040
#022.5-200Medical Anatomical Research07-07-22 – Present#1040
#022.5.400A voicemail on 07/14/2023 at 5:23 PM from Ted McNabola confirming that the response from the doctor gave us the measurement and information we needed to finalize details before printing the model.  07-14-22#1040
McNabola Digestive System .SLT dicom file Converted into 3D model, segmented, Colorized, enhanced detail by Dima Elissa