Surgical Safety Solution

Our most recent product line is the SafeStart is a software solution with a presurgical safety platform for patients and providers to avoid and eliminate ‘Never Events’.

SafeStart is “A Digital Pre-Surgical Organizer” that can be used for any clinical procedure.

It’s a cloud-based HIPAA compliant SaaS software solution for pre-surgical patient safety and quality care.                    

SafeStart is your first step to pre-surgical safety and shows patients that their safety is your highest priority with SafeStart.

Some recognized SSM benefits include:

•    Engage & Empower patients/parents in the safety process

•    Employs WHO Universal Protocol Enhanced Surgical Safety

•    Process Standardization compliant with HIPAA

•    Intuitive mobile device user interface

•    Decrease case delays and cancellations

•    Drive patients through a Patient Portal and increase HCAHPS and OAS CAHPS scores

•    Works with or without EMR integration

•    Increase staff and surgeon satisfaction

•    Eliminate Never Events and Compile Audit Safety Metrics