VisMed•3D Makes 3D Printing Personal at techweek KC and NY

VisMed•3D Makes 3D Printing Personal at techweek KC and NY

Press Release: CHICAGO, IL — VisMed•3D — VisMed-3D is invited to share the stage with other key opinion leaders and experts in 3D Biomedical printing at Techweek Kansas City 2015 and New York 2015 – September 18th and October 12-18 respectively. techweek brings together entrepreneurs, thought leaders and tech partners for a week-long festival celebrating the unique entrepreneurial identity of really exciting communities. Since its inception,
Techweek has gathered tens of thousands of attendees from every industry and thousands of companies under one roof in five US cities.

Attendees come to share their vision, learn from innovative founders, grow their professional network, and enjoy themselves. Techweek brings together people from every demographic to celebrate what we all love: technology.

Top 5 Reasons to Attend

  • Meet potential customers & vendors
  • Meet potential business partners
  • Attend keynotes & presentations
  • Discover the newest tech innovations
  • Have fun!
  • In Kansas City, Dima Elissa shared the stage with Hallmark’s Tom Brantman serving as Create Catalyst bringing 3D technology to uplift the imagination within the company’s product offerings. Brantman and Elissa discussed the realities and the challenges of the 3D tech within the consumer and manufacturing capacities. A clip from Chad Troutwine’s documentary, “Print the Legend” provided context of the explosion of 3D printer eruption in consumer and education sectors.

    Over 13,000 attendees engaged at techweek Chicago’s week-long annual event. The growth is expected to continue into new cities and is even heading to Cuba this December.

    of ideas, innovation, and community is meant to ignite, motivate, connect, and catalyze our community around great ideas and great people. A broad range of event types and featuring a variety of topics will be showcased during Chicago Ideas Week. The topics include Arts & Entertainment, Community Engagement, Health & Wellness, and many others. To see a complete list of the events featured during CIW please click here.

    Along with the many and great events, Chicago Ideas Week is premiering The Edison Talks. This invitation-only event will highlight several dynamic speakers and thought-provoking performances. Featured speakers include author Laura Vanderkam, neuroscientist Dima Elissa/a>, and many more.

    CEO and Founder of VisMed-3D, Dima Elissa, is printing technology that is revolutionizing medicine around the world. “This is my second year participating in the incredible Chicago Ideas Week open labs. This year we have the opportunity to leverage the healthcare epicenter at MATTER Chicago to bring cutting-edge technology and innovation to the forefront,” said Elissa. The showcase will feature exciting and innovative insight into the developing and thriving additive manufacturing industry. Read the event description below to learn more:


    “VisMed-3D’s Print Your Own Body Part”

    VisMed•3D is reimagining biomedical research and patient care as we know it. The Bio FabLab’s scientists and technicians create patient-specific replicas of anatomies, custom-printed orthotics and prosthetics, and medical devices. CEO and Founder Dima Elissa will lead you in a hands-on demonstration—literally—of the facility’s cutting-edge technology, as you transform scans of your own limbs into 3D models.


    Interested in attending? Tickets go on public sale on Sept. 8th. Register Here!

    This event will take place on Monday, October 12 from 10:00 am-12:00 pm at Merchandise Mart.
    222 West Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 1230, Chicago, IL 60654


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