Defender FaceShield: Realigning resources to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Eco-Friendly DEFENDER FaceShield Available Now!

We have designed an economical face shield that can be produced in quantity, quickly, using relatively readily available materials; e.g. transparent acrylic is in short supply, but paper stock is not.

We have validated with a number of physicians in Chicago that, in addition to an N95 mask, this shield would be effective and desirable during surgical procedures.

In addition to healthcare, this face shield can be used by on-site and delivery employees, or anyone who wants more coverage than a mask may provide.

Pricing drops significantly for large quantities, and a portion of sales are used to donate shields to communities or institutions in need.

Please reach visit one of our retailers to place an order.

To ORDER the VisMed-3D DEFENDER FaceShield Purchase

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